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Luke quite grumpy for mosy of the day. It could be because I said we would have to go by bus if he wanted Luke wanted to get his cinema tickets, could just be because it’s half term. Didn’t stay very long at HandL’s. We did manage to get to Aqua. I didn’t join in as I have a bad cold and Luke didn’t mention Coz once during the class, only when he was in the jaccuzi so, I do think that we are the catalyst for Coz outbursts. He worked really hard in Aqua. There was a group of youngsters messing around in the jacuzzi and Luke was quite uncomfortable with the swearing and canoodling. I did report it at the desk when we got out.

Luke was very odd when we got back. Didn’t want to get out of the car until I did. I explained that as I was feeling very unwell and it was raining, I wanted to wait until he got the door open so I wouldn’t get wet. He mimed getting his bag out of the car and putting his key in the lock. I didn’t realise it was a mime until I got out and locked the car when he said. ‘Oh don’t forget my swimming bag’ so I had to unlock the car again. Then he said ‘Hmm, keys I think, now where are they?’ Took him ages to unlock the door and he then stood in the doorway taking off his hat and gloves. When I said ‘Excuse me Luke, can I get past, it’s raining.’ He said ‘Just a minute’ and refused to move. When I finally got in and went to hang my keys on the hook, he jumped in front of me and said ‘Hold on, better hang my keys up I think.’ He then asked me to move so he could hold the bannister to take his shoes off. I’m afriad I got cross at this point and went into the living room saying, ‘For Heaven’s sake Luke, you’re not the only one who wants to get in and take their shoes off!’ He apologised immediately and said he couldn’t help it! We had a big hug and everything seemed fine afterwards. I have no idea what it was all about. Could just have been mischief and playing with me, trying out his authority? It was just really odd (and unpleasant!) !!!!